Suspect arrested, shoes are seized
(AP) A Sparta man has been jailed and his LA Gear shoes seized. Why?
Because the prints of those shoes appeared on the inside window of a Cookeville Police squad car in which Donald Eugene Modlin had been placed after being arrested at a Cookeville bar, police said.

Steve Charles, an employee at the Happy Days bar, said Modlin threw a beer bottle through a glass display case, pulled a knife and threatened him when told he would have to pay for the damage.

Charles called police and took out an assault warrant. Officer Randy Weiker arrested Modlin and put him into the back of his patrol car. The officer then locked the car and went back into Happy Days to get more information, returning a short time later to drive Modlin to the Putnam Justice Center for booking.

Weiker later noticed the frame around the car's window had been pushed outward.

I also noticed some partial shoe prints on the inside of the window, he said. Then it was back to the Justice Center to check the soles of Modlin's shoes. The shoe soles matched the design visible in the prints on the window, the officer said.

Bond on the assault charge was set at $1,500, and bond on the car vandalism charge at $1,000. Modlin goes to court Dec. 30.

Drive-by shooter almost hits child
A Harriman family narrowly escaped injury late Monday night when its home was riddled by bullets from what appears to have been a drive-by shooting.

Three residents were in the house at the time of the shooting, including a 3-year-old child. Bullets fired at the home narrowly missed the child and another resident.

Police said the child was watching television and had fallen asleep in a chair. One bullet went between the child and the childÕs grandmother, who was sitting on a couch across the room. The mother was standing by the door when one bullet came through it.

Police said that all members in the house were lucky not to be hit by flying bullets and that a motive for the shooting has not been determined, but said that it was probably not gang related.

Victim's mom upset over release
A woman whose son was molested by the freshmen boy's basketball coach is upset that he is being released from jail so soon. After spending only one year in jail after molesting the high schooler, he is out on the streets again.

Bobby George was arrested and convicted in 1995 for sexually molesting 10 of his players. Many parents feel it is a mockery of justice that he will be leaving jail after such a short time, free to live and work among the boys he traumatized for life.

Some involved have adjusted well after the humiliation of the ordeal. Life has returned as close to normal as could be expected. For others, it hasn't been quite as easy. One family is leaving town this week to avoid the possibility of bumping into the former coach.

One victim's mother met with George several months ago while he was still in jail. During that meeting, she said he never apologized, showed no remorse, and even related to her knowledge of where her son is and what he does. She is trying to meet with legislators, hoping to get punishments for child molesters toughened.

Man charged in double murder
(AP) A Piney Flats man is charged with murdering two young people in November, Washington County authorities said Friday.

Sean Thomas Martin, 21, has been indicted on two counts each of first-degree murder and aiding and abetting first-degree murder.

Prosecutor David Crockett said the investigation is continuing and Martin would still face charges even if authorities find that someone else actually shot the couple to death.

I have no reason to believe that anyone other than the defendant is involved, Crockett said.

Martin is charged in the deaths of 19-year-old Jason Lloyd and 20-year-old Liberty Ledford.

Crockett said the killings appear to be drug-related. Martin was in jail in Greene County on a marijuana possession charge, according to Crockett. He has been moved to Washington County and is being held without bond.

Couple buried their child alive
(AP) Lisa Murphy, whose testimony helped convict her husband of burying their baby alive, had previously been pregnant, miscarried and buried the fetus in a rock pile.

Murphy's 23-year-old husband, Billy Stockwell, was sentenced Thursday to life in prison after being found guilty of first-degree murder for the death of his newborn son in May 1995.

Murphy had testified that Stockwell had dug a hole in a Wilson County barn, took the baby from her and buried it. She said the infant was still crying at the time.

Murphy, 19, who is pregnant again and plans to divorce Stockwell, will learn next month her trial date for her role in the baby's death and burial.

Wilson County court records show that Murphy's first pregnancy also by Stockwell ended in miscarriage. She was pretty sure it was a girl.

She wrapped the fetus in a shirt, placed it in a plastic bread bag and the couple buried it in a rock pile, according to the records.

The two had been next-door neighbors. Both families recognized the couple's close relationship but were unaware of their sexual involvement, the court records indicate.

Murphy's older half sister had become pregnant out of wedlock, creating family turmoil, Murphy said in the court papers. And Murphy's parents had admonished her not to get pregnant and ruin her life, so she was afraid to reveal her pregnancy. During Stockwell's trial, testimony revealed that the two had begun secretly dating again this past summer although they were prohibited from seeing one another as a condition of their bond. When Stockwell's verdict was read, he stared blankly, showing little emotion.

Girl admits to stabbing mother
A teenage girl who admits stabbing her mother to death is in jail, but police haven't formally charged her in the slaying. The body of Teresa Parramoure, 38, was discovered Wednesday after her 16-year-old daughter sought treatment for a stab wound. She told doctors she fell on a knife.

Putnam County Sheriff Jerry Abston said the hospital notified the sheriff's office and the girl changed her story, telling investigators she had been kidnapped and raped by a Jackson County man who had a knife. Her father, Parramoure's ex-husband Ronnie Taylor took the girl home with him. Then on Wednesday, he decided she needed some clothes and took her to Parramoure's trailer, where he discovered the body.

Parramoure was lying face down in her bed and a large kitchen carving knife was found on the side of the bed. She had been stabbed multiple times, and investigators believe the attack began while she slept. After the body was found, investigators questioned the girl again, and she confessed to stabbing her mother early Tuesday morning after arguing over the teen's friends.

The girl is being held in the Putnam Juvenile Detention Center.

Montgomery jail will get larger
Ground-breaking could begin this spring to add another 800 beds to the Montgomery County Jail, officials say. We want to build for the next 20 years so we don't outgrow the facility before the bonds are paid off like we did the last time we expanded, said County Executive Bob Thompson.

He said the expansion would cost between $18 million and $25 million. Right now, Thompson said four years is still owed on the bonds issued for the expansion of the jail in 1985, when 200 beds were added to the existing 65-bed facility.

Theater-goer terrorizer arrested
Police have arrested an East Tennessee man accused of terrorizing late night movie-goers and stealing a car last summer. Officers said James Otis Baker, 26, of Maryville pointed a pistol at a group of people who had just left a theater around midnight June 30. He beat out the window of one car and finally succeeded in stealing another, police said.

Charges against him are aggravated robbery, theft and aggravated assault. He was already being held on other charges in Knoxville, police said.

Jackson murder suspect is caught
A Tennessee man wanted on murder charges there was arrested Thursday after Decatur police got a tip from their out-of-state colleagues. Steven Phillips, 20, was arrested as he was leaving an apartment building.

Phillips was wanted in the shooting death of 17-year-old Russell Williams, whose body was found Sept. 25 in a trash bin in Jackson, Tenn. Lt. Jerry Priddy of the Jackson Police Department said his department received a tip that Phillips was in Decatur and asked police to watch for him.

Priddy said Tennessee authorities will work to having Phillips extradited.

Student charged in area shooting
An 18-year-old adult education student has been charged with attempted murder in connection with the shooting of another student.

John M. Barbee was taken into custody last Tuesday night at Northside High School, allegedly after shooting Nigel Owens, 17.

The victim told the officers that John Barbee walked up to him, didn't say anything and shot him once in the head, said police Lt. Richard True.

True said Owens then began to run and that Barbee chased him and shot him again in the back and in the leg.

Owens was discharged Thursday from the Regional Medical Center at Memphis. Barbee also was charged with carrying a weapon on school property. A .22-caliber pistol is believed to have been used in the shooting.

Although there was no apparent warning before the shooting, True said the two teens had an ongoing argument.

Principal arrested in paddling
An assistant principal at Humes Junior High School has been charged with assault for hitting a 15-year-old student nine times with a paddle.

Police on Wednesday issued a criminal summons to Clarence D. Mumford, 43, ordering him to appear in court in January. He was not arrested. Police and school officials did not release the name of the ninth-grade student Mumford is accused of assaulting because the student is a juvenile.

Lt. Richard True said the student was sent to the principal's office for talking in class on Nov. 11. When no one showed up and the bell rang, the student left to attend his next class.

When the student went to class the next day, True said the teacher sent the youth back to the office to get a note to return to class.

It is alleged that at this time he was given nine licks on his buttocks by the assistant principal, True said. After school, the 15-year-old went home and showed his mother where he had been paddled. She observed swelling and bruises and took the child to Le Bonheur.

Tennessee is among 23 states that allow corporal punishment. It is also allowed by Memphis City Schools policy.

Couple pleads guilty to neglect
A couple has pleaded guilty to neglecting their three children, after leaving them with a neighbor for three weeks while they lived on the streets, prostituted themselves and did drugs. Both Christine Wideman, 33, and Christopher Wideman, 39, were sentenced last Tuesday to serve three jail terms of 11 months, 29 days for neglecting their children, ages 5, 10 and 12. Police said the Widemans, who were arrested the previous week, had been living under a bridge, engaging in prostitution and consuming crack cocaine.

General Sessions Court Judge Philip Sadler ordered the couple to serve two sentences consecutively, with the third to be suspended if they complete drug treatment programs while in jail. Assistant District. The state Department of Children's Services now has custody of the children.

Moonshine still found, destroyed
A moonshine still was destroyed by members of the Overton County Sheriff’s Department and Pickett County Sheriff’s Department on Nov. 16. According to reports, a deer hunter stumbled upon the still by accident while hunting. He then called Sheriff Allen D. Loftis.

Deputies of the Overton and Pickett county sheriff’s departments went to the area, located off Beaty Swamp Road near the Overton-Pickett county line.

Deputies found the still and destroyed it, along with approximately 50 gallons of moonshine.

Man arrested for teen’s murder
A Greene County man is facing second-degree murder charges in the stabbing death of a 15-year-old boy. Authorities arrested Phil Guinn, 30, on Thursday night in the death of Shannon Story, also of Greene County. Sheriff Terry Jones said the two argued over drug money and Guinn stabbed Story. The teen-ager was last seen Sept. 16.

His skeletal remains were found in a field on Nov. 12. Jones said Guinn has confessed. The sheriff said the stabbing took place at Guinn’s home, but Guinn dumped the body in the field about five miles from his home.

Inmates charged with jail rape
Four Sullivan County jail inmates have been charged with raping another inmate.

Sheriff Keith Carr said the four forced the other prisoner to perform oral sex on them. The 24-year-old victim told authorities the assault occurred in his cell. The victim is in jail on charges of statutory rape and a probation violation.

The inmates charged with rape are Melvin Murray, 26, and Elijah Sommerville, 23, both of Bristol. Murray was jailed on charges of felony child abuse and Sommerville was in jail on a child rape charge. Two other inmates were charged with assault and rape. They are Allan Hoyle, 23, of Hickory, N.C., and Bobby Godsey, 23, of Kingsport.

Hoyle is in jail on an aggravated rape charge. Godsey is accused of killing his girlfriend's 7-month-old son.

Male belly dancer catching looks
Slowly he sways, seething with sensuality, his loose limbs a study in fluidity almost alien to the human body. His hips revolve, and his bare belly and chest thrust forward, as he lends dignity and dynamite to a dance most of us know only from campy Hollywood B-movies that drool over wiggly, jiggly, finger cymbal-snappin women.

Yes, he. As in sir. Mister. Fella. Buddy boy.

But you can call him the Guy in the Harem Outfit with the Naked Bellybutton. Or, for short, Zhor, his stage name taken from one of the gods of Greek mythology. Others know him as Andrew Guilfoil who, when discussing belly dancing, articulates as well as he undulates, gender be damned.

A belly dance is so beautiful, and for a male to be beautiful blows people's minds, said Guilfoil, 27. Men have just as much right to a masculine beauty as women have to a feminine beauty. Often in our society, the masculine beauty is covered, unless you're in GQ magazine.

One of a rare breed Guilfoil said he's one of only four active male belly dancers in the world the Chattanooga resident shakes and shimmies mostly as a hobby. However, he does dance at private parties and clubs, performs birthday bellygrams and offers private lessons to students. Female students.

Woman duped by wrong calendar
Cathy Mullikin of Mercer has her Thanksgiving dinner cooked already thanks to her calendar that has the holiday marked a week early.

I have my Thanksgiving dinner already cooked up for today and my friends and family are coming on the 28th and they're going to think I'm a kook, she told The Jackson Sun on Thursday.

The Jackson-Madison County General Hospital gave out 40,000 calendars last year with Thanksgiving marked as Nov. 21 instead of Nov. 28. They were inserted in The Jackson Sun and given out at the hospital. I wouldn't have known it was wrong except my niece called and asked what I was doing. When I told her I was finishing up Thanksgiving dinner, she said, A week in advance,? Mullikin said.

Ken Marston, media coordinator for Jackson-Madison County General Hospital, said, Yes, the calendar is wrong. It's an unfortunate error that we regret, but once printed, there's not a whole lot that can be done. The hospital is well aware of the scope of the error.

We've had a number of calls from people who have seen the error and called it to our attention. It's just unfortunate, Marston said.

Manslaughter suspect pleads guilty
A 22-year-old man has pleaded to a lesser charge in the stabbing death of a Knoxville man during a fight outside a bar. Raymond Paul Duncan of Greeneville had been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Kyle Paul Jaekel, 18, in March. Duncan pleaded guilty Friday to voluntary manslaughter.

Duncan maintained his innocence and said he was pleading to avoid the risk of a greater penalty. The dispute began inside Poor Richard's Deli when the men argued over a woman.

Former bank VP facing charges
A former bank vice president could get 95 years in jail and a fine of more than $3 million for embezzling more than $350,000. Faye Weakley pleaded guilty Thursday to fraud and embezzlement in federal court.

She was a vice president at Union Planters National Bank. She used the money to make home improvements and pay gambling debts, according to prosecutors.

The indictment also said she used some of the money to buy vehicles, make mortgage payments and pay for credit card purchases.

The money was taken from an employee welfare benefit plant to a high school alumni scholarship fund. Weakley was authorized to sign the fund's checks.